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Peace of Mind Protection with Pettit's New HD Line of Bottom Paints

Pettit Marine Paint Challenges the Status Quo
Offering New Odyssey HD and Trinidad HD
Bottom Paints With 18 Month HD
(Hull Defense) Limited Warranty

Rockaway, N.J. – Pettit takes pride in creating the most trusted and reliable products in the business. Odyssey HD and Trinidad HD multi-season bottom paints will change the way bottom paints are viewed forever. We challenged ourselves by asking, “Isn’t it time multi-year paints were covered by a multi-year warranty?” The answer is, yes. 

Odyssey HD multi-season antifouling combines controlled polishing ablative technology with a high copper content to provide a paint film strong enough to handle the tough marine environment from coast to coast. Odyssey HD is compatible over most finishes, is V.O.C. compliant in all states and will not build up over time leaving running surfaces smooth and clean. Odyssey HD's copolymer resins withstand hauling and relaunching without losing effectiveness for both power and sailboats. After trying the new paint, Edward Parker, Service Manager from Safe Harbor City Boatyard said, “The dry times are awesome! That’s key to a boatyard when they can put multiple coats on in one day. It saves us time and money getting boats done quickly.” 

Trinidad HD provides excellent, long lasting protection, even under the toughest antifouling conditions. Trinidad HD provides dependable in-water antifouling protection while meeting the 330 grams per liter V.O.C. regulations. Trinidad HD does not require movement and works equally as well at the dock or underway. Its durable, hard and modified epoxy finish has excellent adhesion, and is highly abrasion resistant. A good choice for powerboat or sailboat use in tropical and other warm waters where extreme fouling exists. Trinidad HD is compatible over most hard antifouling finishes. Wayne Morrison from Shelter Island Boatyard, San Diego California said “It is imperative that we have a quality, fast drying multi-season antifouling that carries consistent pigmentation and a smooth, clean color finish. We are proud to be using the most recent technology that Pettit has to offer in Trinidad HD and it is our feature antifouling coating.” 

Both of these bottom paints focus heavily on boatyard efficiency. Pettit built both products to dry significantly faster, offer increased coverage, and reduce odor for a more applicator friendly application. For example, Trinidad HD and Odyssey HD both dry 5 times faster than our competition at an air temperature of 70ºF. 

HD (Hull Defense) limited warranty covers against hard growth for up to 18 months. If within 18 months a vessel with either Odyssey HD or Trinidad HD applied experiences hard growth beyond the disclaimed amount, pro-rated product compensation is offered.

Trinidad HD is available in black, blue and red starting October 1 st 2019. Odyssey HD is available in black, blue, red and green after December 1 st 2020. Application can easily be done with a brush, roller, or spray. For complete preparation and usage instructions visit Pettit Marine Paint online at www.pettitpaint.com/HD.


Trinidad HD: http://www.mmimarine.com/mmi/index.php?cat_id=&sub_cat_id=&query=trinidad+hd&pid=prod


Fast-dry Technology

High copper load offers excellent performance in all conditions

Excellent adhesion to fiberglass, wood and steel hulls

Hard, durable, finish for long lasting performance

Covered by HD (Hull Defense) 18 Month Limited Warranty


Odyssey HD: http://www.mmimarine.com/mmi/index.php?pid=prod&display=&cat_id=&get_pack_id=&get_manu=&get_prod=Odyssey+HD&search=Search


Fast dry, VOC compliant standard for boatyards

Haul and re-launch without losing effectiveness

High-copper ablative protection in all waters

Smooth polishing finish prevents buildup and sanding

Compatible over most bottom paints

Covered by HD (Hull Defense) 18 Month Limited Warranty


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