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Item Description Price  
IMTMVMC500 IMTRA 0 0 Capstan 0 2,121.43
IMTAtlantic 600 IMTRA 0 0 Capstan 0 548.57
IMTAtlantic 2500-3500 IMTRA 0 0 Capstan 0 857.14
IMTAtlantic 4000 IMTRA 0 0 Capstan 0 968.57
IMTMVRC2500RHYE IMTRA 0 HYD Capstan 0 7,928.57
IMTMVRC3500RHYE IMTRA 0 HYD Capstan 0 9,942.86
IMTMVRC04000HYDE IMTRA 0 HYD Capstan Per "IMTRA OEM specials" 12,578.57
IMTMVR04000HYDE IMTRA 0 HYD Low Profile 0 11,935.71
IMTMVR2500RHYE IMTRA 0 HYD Low Profile 0 7,392.86
IMTMVR3500RHYE IMTRA 0 HYD Low Profile 0 9,321.43
IMTGXRA1281 IMTRA 10" Flexible AM/FM Antenna 33.75
IMTGXV9125ASSY IMTRA 10" TV Antenna 63.64
IMTGXV9125AB IMTRA 10" TV Antenna with A/B Switch Amplifier 179.36
IMTGX50023/98EC IMTRA 12/24V Amp for TV V9112 89.25
IMTMVRC2500R12E IMTRA 1200W 12VDC Capstan 0 7,500.00
IMTMVR2500R12E IMTRA 1200W 12VDC Low Profile 0 7,050.00
IMTMVRC2500R24E IMTRA 1200W 24VDC Capstan 0 7,500.00
IMTMVR2500R24E IMTRA 1200W 24VDC Low Profile 0 7,050.00
IMTGXV9150/00 IMTRA 14" Community TV Antenna 401.79
IMTGXV9112ASSY IMTRA 14" TV Antenna 82.93
IMTGXV9112AB IMTRA 14" TV Antenna with A/B Switch Amplifier 192.21
IMTGXV9112/00 IMTRA 14" TV Antenna with Bypass Amplifier 205.07
IMTMVRC3500R12E IMTRA 1500W 12VDC Capstan 0 9,364.29
IMTMVR3500R12E IMTRA 1500W 12VDC Low Profile 0 8,892.86
IMTMVRC3500R24E IMTRA 1500W 24VDC Capstan 0 9,364.29
IMTMVR3500R24E IMTRA 1500W 24VDC Low Profile 0 8,892.86
IMTMVRC04000024E IMTRA 2000W 24VDC Capstan Per "IMTRA OEM specials" 12,171.43
IMTMVR04000024E IMTRA 2000W 24VDC Low Profile 0 11,121.43
IMTSPA-40154 IMTRA 4000 Series Rectangular Hatch, Medium, Dream White 74.25
IMTMVRC0600R12E IMTRA 600W 12VDC Capstan 0 3,150.00
IMTMVR0600R12E IMTRA 600W 12VDC Low Profile 0 2,764.29
IMTSPA-AA9207 IMTRA AA320 Hand Held Remote with Two Outputs 119.25
IMTSPA-AA9400 IMTRA AA710 Handheld Remote Only (No Base Station) 521.25
IMTSPA-AA9408 IMTRA AA710 Handheld Remote, Complete Kit 1,046.25
IMTGXV9126 IMTRA Altair 10" Dome TV Antenna 251.25

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MMI Marine is your best source when you need replacement parts for Taiwan boats and other yacht replacement parts. Our vast selection of discount marine parts and accessories will help you rest assured that you are getting the finest quality parts at the best available pricing.

Our inventory includes more than 200,000 items, such as hardware, equipment, electrical components, safety gear, appliances, lighting, and more. We work with top brand manufacturers to make sure you are choosing from the very best in replacement parts for Taiwan boats, and shipments can be made from either our domestic division or our Taiwan-based operations.

Your yacht is your symbol of success and we understand that you only want the best when it comes to updating your systems or completing basic repairs. You can turn to us for everything from detailing chemicals to pumps, and even complete commission packages. Let us be your trusted one stop source for all the yacht replacement parts you need.

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