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Categories » All » Engine Room Accessory » Exhaust System » CENTEK 2.00" X 2.00"..
CENTEK 2.00" X 2.00" Vernalift (Fig 2) 10.00" X 10.00"
ITEM# : VER1500027W
Description : CENTEK 2.00" X 2.00" Vernalift (Fig 2) 10.00" X 10.00"
Category: Engine Room Accessory » Exhaust System
Model : 1500027W
Weight : 8.3 lbs
Now Only : $220.12 USD / EAC
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1. The VernaliftTM is a WET marine exhaust muffler
2. The VernaliftTM is designed for gas/water to flow in one direction only. Please note labels on muffler carefully.
3. Allow sufficient distance between the water injection point and the VernaliftTM to adequately cool the exhaust gases.
We recommend a minimum of two feet. Maximum operating temperature should not exceed 350° F. A typical welldesigned
system should run between 120-188° F.
4. If the exhaust manifold is near or below the waterline, a siphon break must be installed to prevent continued water
flow after engine shut down (see Figures 2 and 3).
5. The VernaliftTM should be installed at the lowest point of the exhaust system with the top of the muffler at least 12
inches below the manifold outlet. The possibility of reverse flow of water increases if installed at less than 12
inches. When space constraints do not allow for this height difference, it is strongly recommended that a riser
(gooseneck) be installed in the system (see Figure 3).
6. Install the VernaliftTM as close to the centerline of the engine as possible. This will minimize the possibility of cooling
water return to the engine in severe angles of heel in sailboats.
7. Making connections:
A) Use approved marine exhaust hose for all connections. This will help isolate the muffler and other
components from vibration. Do not connect other components to the muffler in a rigid fashion by using
adhesives and/or FRP reinforcements.
B) DO NOT coat hose or muffler with oil or grease – use water for lubrication.
C) Use a minimum of two stainless steel hose clamps per end connection. Tighten clamps by hand with a
screwdriver or small wrench. Do not use air wrenches.
8. Add a loop at the outlet side of the muffler that is 18” above the waterline. This may not be necessary for above
waterline installations.
9. The outlet hose should run continuously downhill for self-draining. A Centek VernatoneTM inline muffler can be
installed in this line for further silencing.
The VernaliftTM is recommended for both gasoline and diesel propulsion and generator engines. It is designed to
withstand many times the normal operating pressures. However, this does not mean that it can withstand the
extreme instantaneous pressures associated with back-fire.
WARNING! Should a back-fire occur, an immediate and thorough inspection of the entire exhaust system is

The Vernalift was designed originally for small auxillary engines installed near or below the water line. Now the Vernalift family has expanded to inclue new and larger engines. If you have any questions or need help, contact us. Not sure what finish you need? Click here.

Application: Inboards, Sailboats & Generators
Fuel type: Gas/Diesel
Waterline: Above or Below
Sound rating: Better


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