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Categories » All » Electrical Parts & Supplies » Circuit Breaker » Blue Sea Systems Circuit..
Blue Sea Systems Circuit Breaker A1 FLAT Rocker 10A
ITEM# : BLU7402B
Product Name : Blue Sea Systems Circuit Breaker A1 FLAT Rocker 10A
Category : Electrical Parts & Supplies » Circuit Breaker
Model : 7402
Weight : 0.21 lbs
Now Only : $20.74 USD / EAC
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Amperage 10A AC

10A DC

Actuator Style <div style='width:200px; clear:both'><img style='float:left; margin: 5px;' src='http://assets.bluesea.com/images/specifications/flat_rocker.png'/> <strong>Flat actuator</strong><br/>resists accidental switching by being flush in the ON position</div><div style='width:200px; clear:both'><img style='float:left; margin: 5px;' src='http://assets.bluesea.com/images/specifications/raised_rocker.png'/>

<strong>Raised rocker actuator</strong><br/>standard circuit breaker for AC Source Select panels in the 360 Panel System</div><div style='width:200px; clear:both'><img style='float:left; margin: 5px;' src='http://assets.bluesea.com/images/specifications/restricted_off.png'/>

<strong>Restricted OFF actuator</strong><br/>can only be switched to OFF by insertion of small screwdriver into slot</div><div style='width:200px; clear:both'><img style='float:left; margin: 5px;' src='http://assets.bluesea.com/images/specifications/toggle.png'/>

<strong>Toggle actuator</strong><br/>An electric switch operated by means of a projecting lever that is moved up and down.</div> Flat Rocker

Poles 1

Maximum Voltage 240V AC

32V DC

Circuit Breaker Type Magnetic Hydraulic - trip free

Interrupt Capacity The fault current that a device, normally a fuse or circuit breaker is capable of breaking without damage. 3000A @ 125V AC

1500A @ 240V AC

5000A @ 32V DC

Minimum Operating Temperature -40° C

Maximum Operating Temperature 85° C

Mounting Screw #6-32 Stainless Steel

Mounting Screw Torque 6 in-lb (0.68 Nm)

Screw Terminal Torque 14 in-lb (1.58 Nm)

Switching Cycles 10000

Terminal Screw #10-32 Stainless Steel


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