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Horizon Parts

Horizon is a yacht company that works out of a base in southern Taiwan. They have built and designed many yachts, developing a reputation as one of the most detail-oriented yacht builders available.

Customers enjoy the inventiveness of some Horizon parts and the ultimate performance of their craft. Horizon's commitment to their products is so strong that they keep large water tanks on premises at their Taiwan plant, allowing for water testing of their yachts before any of them actually hit the sea.

Horizon recommends that only genuine parts be used in their boats. Most large online stores will offer a selection of parts from Horizon in addition to Outer Reef parts to their customers. Most customers happily order the typical Horizon merchandise and install it into their boat without a second thought. But is there a better solution?

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    Outer Reef Parts

    Outer Reef builds yachts of a scale similar to Horizon. Both offer large yachts and custom yachts, and both remain based in Taiwan. Outer Reef also shares the commitment to quality and detailed craftsmanship. However, Outer Reef is clear that they will not sacrifice safety and comfort to increase speed.

    Their philosophy is eminently practical, and that is represented in all Outer Reef parts and craft. They stay true to their ethics, but yet allow the customer freedom so long as the craft remains comfortably seaworthy. They understand that a yacht is an investment, and want every customer to be pleased.

    Generic or Not?

    Both Outer Reef and Horizon recommend that customers use only parts manufactured by their individual company. However, judging by the differences seen between the two, a generic brand seems unlikely to succeed. Parts from Outer Reef must fit a very different ship from Horizon parts, and Horizon elements seem similarly unlikely to work in an Outer Reef yacht. The bottom line: when you need to replace a part on your yacht, go with the manufacturer first.

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