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Ocean Alexander Parts

Ocean Alexander offers larger yachts, up to 145' in length. However, their commitment to building the finest quality yachts means that even their largest boats are built to the same exacting standards as their smallest. Ocean Alexander parts are designed and manufactured with the same attention to detail, which typically makes them durable and brings down repair costs.

MMI Marine is proud to carry Ocean Alexander, Selene, and McKinna parts. Our parts selection ranges across the ship, centered on the typical areas that may require replacement. We will work with you to determine shipping, getting your parts to you on time at a competitive price.

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    Selene Parts

    Selene is a shorter form of Selene Ocean Trawlers, another top yacht company. Produced at two facilities in coastal China, these yachts are designed and built by craftsmen with a commitment to excellence.

    Selene Ocean Trawlers take their name from the founder's vision, and Selene parts and service also follow that founder's vision. From start to finish, every Selene boat is meticulously created for the best in customer satisfaction.

    MMI Marine offers a number of different Selene and Ocean Alexander parts to our customers. Whether you choose to visit our California showroom or order online, you can be confident that your Selene accessories or parts will arrive on time and with the manufacturer's warranty still in effect while you get the best possible value.

    McKinna Parts

    McKinna yachts are known for their amazing ability to navigate inland waterways, as opposed to other yachts that are restricted to more open oceans and large lakes. Every McKinna yacht is designed to reduce draft, allowing travel in shallower waters than a typical yacht. Because of this unique design, it is recommended that customers use only genuine McKinna parts when replacing or upgrading.

    MMI Marine recognizes McKinna's experience in shipbuilding, and carries a wide variety of parts to offer McKinna customers. Our McKinna and Selene parts are competitively priced and easy to ship, allowing you access to the right part no matter where in the world you are.

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