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Taiwan Made Nordhavn Parts

Nordhavn was the brainchild of two experienced sailors who met by chance in the 1970s. This meeting sparked the chain of events that ultimately led to the creation of Nordhavn, and the parent company that manufactures it. Over the course of its development, the company picked up some of the most talented and technically skilled craftsmen in the yacht business. Today's Nordhavn parts, yachts, and accessories reflect the same level of attention to detail that was present in the originals.

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    Symbol Parts

    Symbol is also strongly committed to excellence. These yachts have been a fixture on both sides of the American coast for years. Symbol is constantly tweaking their fleet, always fine-tuning to make their great ships excellent. The same philosophy applies to all Symbol parts: in order to perform the best, the yachts need to run on the very best parts.

    A Taiwan Yacht

    Apart from their mutual commitment to quality, one of the strongest things that Symbol and Nordhavn have in common is their Taiwanese origins. Although expansion into China has recently become common amongst shipbuilders, a Taiwan yacht is still recognized for superior quality and excellent livability.

    But is such a yacht right for you? Consider these three facts before you make a final decision about where to buy your yacht. A yacht made in Taiwan:

    • Has a rich tradition of excellence
    • Came from a state of the art facility
    • Was made by craftsmen and designers with years of experience

    These elements are true in any good company. It doesn't matter whether you examine Nordhavn parts or Symbol, the excellence, design, and facility all hold true.

    The Bottom Line

    If you are seeking an excellent yacht that will serve you well as an investment and a source of fun for years to come, let the Symbol parts speak for themselves. Choose a Taiwan yacht, or one made by a company whose first factories were located in Taiwan. They will have learned how to build a yacht from the masters.

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